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Aereo Warranty

The provisions of the warranty apply only to the original owner of the product.  The warranty covers manufacturing defects in your Aereo bedding product.  Replacement of one piece does not automatically constitute the replacement of another piece.

This warranty coverage starts from the original date of purchase.  Repair or replacement of your bedding product does not extend its limited warranty or begin a new warranty period.  Your warranty period is based on the model description which is shown on the law tag attached to the product.  Mattresses that are soiled, dirty, stained, deemed in an unsanitary condition, or damaged are automatically voided from this warranty.  No other statements or warranty expressed or implied will be honored.

In the event that service is required during the warranty period Aereo reserves the right to determine if the product is to be repaired or replaced.  A copy of the original sales receipt must accompany the product for any warranty to be considered.


101 Day Trial RETURNS

  • The 101 Day Trial Period on your Aereo mattress begins the day of delivery of your mattress
  • If your find your Aereo mattress unsuitable for you own needs send us an email at with your


Aereo Order Number:

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Reason for return:

  • You will then receive a call or email with further information.

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