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    Contouring Cool Gel:

    Sitting just above the comfort insert, the Aereo cool gel layer contours to you, and truly cradles the sleeper through the duration of the night.

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    Latex Top Layer:

    Aereo’s hypoallergenic latex layer is breathable and exceptionally cool. Despite being thin, this all natural layer provides the all-night temperature control that comfortable sleep demands.

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    Comfort Insert:

    With three different degrees of firmness, the Aereo Choice is purely up to you. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your mattress soft, firm, or somewhere in between; you can have the customized comfort you deserve at a price you can afford.

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    Interior Coils:

    These aren’t like the springs you’re accustomed to. Wrapped in breathable fabric for optimal sleeping coolness, our coils support your body perfectly without you actually feeling them. Their impact is in both their support and subtlety.

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    Quantum Edge Coils:

    These coils do an incredibly important job better than any other option on the market.Lining the perimeter of the coil base of the mattress, they provide edge support so that your mattress never loses it’s shape, and never stops supporting you.


our purpose

We created Aereo, and the Aereo Choice mattress, to provide a much-needed product in a massive market gap. When ordering mattresses online, you have two options. You either buy a slab of memory foam, or pay exorbitant rates for an overpriced mattress. We thought this was an issue. To us, 100% foam mattresses are an emergency, and luxury mattress prices are a crime.

So we did something about it.

  • the aereo choice

    Customization. Comfort. Affordability.

  • customization

    Our mattresses come with three different comfort inserts. Want one side plush, and one side firm? Not a problem! We can customize the mattress however you'd like - your comfort is our top priority.

  • comfort

    Our mattresses are custom, supportive, and luxurious! There's no need to sacrifice comfort for cost - our top of the line mattresses are available for you to purchase at ultra-low prices.

  • affordability

    But how can such a luxurious mattress be so affordable? Simple - when you buy directly from us, you avoid the middleman and save hundreds of dollars! We sell superior mattresses at a much lower price than any other store or site in town.

aereo vs. foam beds

Let’s face the facts. 100% foam beds don’t retain their firmness over time, they begin to smell bad quickly, they are incredibly hot, and they generally just aren’t that comfortable. Aereo Choice’s Quantum Coils keep their structure over time, our interior pocket coils sleep 28% cooler, and the inserts offer customized outstanding comfort. There really is no competition.

aereo vs. “luxury” mattresses

In short, we dramatically reduce overhead by not having physical locations, use responsible sourcing that stays in the US, and simplify production by using customized comfort inserts instead of individually made mattresses, so we’re able to provide a superior product at a much more reasonable price. There’s no reason to pay someone else more for inferior sleep.

luxury sleep has arrived at a price you can afford

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