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Why Aereo Chooses Coils Over Foam

This is a very hot topic in the world of sleep right now. Some people and some brands swear by solid foam beds, while others believe firmly that a coil-based bed is superior. We’d like to weigh in on the debate, and share our opinions about each option. Aereo Choice mattresses use high-tech coils, in addition to foam, gel, and hypoallergenic latex layers above them, so we do employ coils, but not exclusively. It’s our hope that his illuminates the why Aereo opts for a coil base over solid foam.

The Problems with Foam

Before we can explain why we prefer coils, we have to discuss why we don’t care for solid foam beds. First, there is the smell. This is an extremely common complaint when it comes to memory foam, whether it’s a pillow or a bed. Memory foam tends to smell like chemicals for the duration of its use, and this is especially true if the entire bed is made of foam. Secondly, memory foam is essentially a fine sponge, and therefore absorbs the sweat and dead cells that naturally occur during sleep. This leads to that chemical smell being replaced by a moldy, sweaty smell. After time, it’s very likely that you’ll opt to replace your memory foam slab not because it’s no longer comfortable, but because it has a persistent smell. The last point before we hit on what we believe is the biggest problem with foam-base beds is centered around temperature. Memory foam beds tend to sink the sleeper into them and don’t circulate air well. As a result of this, solid foam beds sleep 28% hotter than the Aereo Choice mattress. This sweltering heat on serves to exacerbate the sweat and mold problem, further diminishing the lifespan of a foam mattress.

Lastly, the most important aspect of any mattress, comfort. Unless you require a bed that is remarkably and unsupportive soft, you’ll probably be disappointed by an exclusively foam bed. Foam beds, from top to bottom, are all one solid layer of standardized support. This is akin to taking the softest comfort insert we offer, and making an entire mattress out of it. You sink in much too far, are surrounded by stale heat, and your spine isn’t supported. Especially if you suffer from chronic back pain, a foam mattress will prove unhelpful. The deterioration of foam, as opposed to coils, also means it will only get less supportive over time.

The Benefits of Coils

Essentially all the determinants of foam are the benefits of coils. In terms of the smell problem, coil mattresses don’t rely on foam, so that chemical smell isn’t a worry. Even coil mattresses that use some foam don’t use enough of it for the smell to be noticeable. So that takes care of that issue. Coil beds are far and away the cooler of the two in terms of temperature. As we’ve stated, the Aereo Choice mattress, through its adept coil system, sleeps 28% cooler than the foam slabs on the market. It’s hard to argue with numbers like that. Even when heat isn’t an issue, the breathability of coil can’t be beat. Air is never stale or stagnant.

The real key difference between coil and foam beds is comfort, and the customization of that comfort. Coil mattresses, and especially the Aereo Choice mattress, offer an infinitely larger degree of customization and personalization, as compared to foam. Coils, like the Quantum Edge Coils we use at Aereo, keep their shape over time, ensuring that your bed is as comfortable as the day you bought it for the duration of its life. Foam certainly can’t promise that to any extent. Again, in terms of medical sleep needs, foam beds can’t provide the firm spinal support of a coil mattress.

These key differentiators are why we choose coils every single time, and why we believe that you should too. You may be saying to yourself, “Foam must have benefits, otherwise it wouldn’t sell.” You’re right about, and the key benefit of foam is price. It’s one piece of one material, and is easy to pack, ship, and sell. However, we’d urge you to consider the old adage, You get what you pay for. Coil beds, while more expensive, offer more luxurious sleep. At Aereo, we’ve worked tirelessly to close that cost gap by removing costly overhead through the elimination of showrooms and salespeople. This means you can get luxury sleep at a price you can afford, and you don’t have to settle for a slab of foam.

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