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White Noise: Why it Works

For some of us, sleep seems to be a fleeting thing. No matter how hard we try, getting those precious eight hours of sleep at night seems like an unobtainable goal. For some, it’s laying in bed staring at the back of our eyelids or the ceiling for hours before finally nodding off. Others are constantly forced back awake by their own wandering minds, or sometimes the most subtle sound. Want a good night’s sleep? Turn on the noise. This may sound counterintuitive to some, but there are a number of people who depend on white noise to lull them to sleep, and there is actual science behind it too. Whether you invest in a white noise machine or you simply download a white noise app to your smartphone, there is a good chance this technology may help you find some of that missing sleep you’ve been looking for. Here’s why.

Bedtime Ritual

We are creatures of habit, and oftentimes performing the same routine will condition us on a subconscious level as well. Turning on that white noise every night will eventually condition your body to know it’s time for bed once that sound machine or app comes on.

Quiet Room

For those who struggle with sleep, it is important to have the optimal environment to sleep in. It may be called a white noise machine, but it helps filter out other noises, noises that could potentially keep you from getting to sleep.

Pacify Your Mind

Many individuals have difficulty falling asleep due to a busy brain that is thinking about everything but sleep. If your mind is focused on all that you have to do tomorrow or any trouble you’re having in life, it can often keep you up at night. White noise works as a distraction, placing your attention on a subtle noise rather than whatever happened at work earlier that day.

Get to and Staying Asleep

By filtering out those same noises that might keep you from getting to sleep, white noise can help you stay in your slumber as well. If you are woken up, white noise will likely make it easy to get back to sleep.

Sleep Soundly

There are instances where we don’t realize we briefly awaken, or we think we might but we’re not sure if we simply dreamt it. White noise can help those brief moments of waking in the middle of the night. Which may lead to feeling more refreshed in the morning.

White Noise is Portable

There are some individuals who rely on white noise, but do not depend on a device to make the sounds. However, if they’re traveling, their environment may not provide the same sounds they’re used to at home. If they typically fall asleep to the sound of a fan, but they find themselves in  a room that doesn’t have a fan, they can use a white noise app to produce fan sounds for sleeping.

You may have heard about white noise before for helping babies sleep, but there are certainly people out there who will tell you it helps them sleep like a baby. Paired with a quality mattress, white noise is a great way to help you obtain that goal of getting eight beautiful hours of sleep. Customize your perfect mattress HERE.

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