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The Importance of Our Hypoallergenic Latex Layer

When it comes to the 5 key layers of an Aereo Choice mattress, the hypoallergenic latex layer is the one closest to you. When you sleep, you’re essentially sleeping directly on it. While it doesn’t have the obvious benefit of our coil systems, the personalization of the comfort insert, or the coolness factor of the contouring cool gel; it’s still a vital and helpful part of what makes the Aereo Choice the best mattress available. So, we’re going to breakdown the purpose and benefits of the hypoallergenic latex layer.

What does ‘hypoallergenic’ mean?

First off, what does hypoallergenic even mean? Most people don’t realize that ‘hypoallergenic’ has no legal meaning, or industry approval process. It’s simply a blanket term (no pun intended) that applies to any product that will trigger little-to-no allergies in the majority of people, in average situations. It also generally has the implication that the industry-standard version of the product is more prone to cause allergies. When we use the term ‘hypoallergenic’ in terms of the latex layer in our mattresses, we are saying that the vast majority of sleepers will not have any allergic reaction to the latex we use. It is designed to provide relief during sleep that standard latex and non-latex options can’t provide. One specific benefit of hypoallergenic latex is that it is incredibly resistant to mold and dust mites, which can cause a great deal of damage if you sleep in a bed with these problems every night. Additionally, we should caution readers that a product of any kind being hypoallergenic doesn’t mean that it prevents the harm caused by outside allergens. A hypoallergenic latex mattress won’t make you less susceptible to pet allergies during sleep, for instance. It simply means we’re not adding to it. Not that we’ve covered the definition of hypoallergenic, let’s discuss the benefits of a hypoallergenic latex layer.


Our latex is one key to what separates us from pure memory foam beds. Latex is extremely supportive, and you do sink comfortably into it, but you don’t sink too far. What’s the biggest knock on foam slab beds? You sink too far into it, and it doesn’t retain its shape. Well, by using a layer of hypoallergenic latex instead of memory foam, we provide the sinking support, without letting you sink too far. It’s truly the best of both worlds. And the best part? Latex retains its shape better than foam.


Beds that rely on foam, rather than latex, do a relatively poor job of keeping you cool while you sleep. Our latex breathes exceptionally well, and features holes to let warm air flow away from you far more efficiently. Most people prefer to sleep cool, and even if they prefer to sleep very warm, they don’t want the under-the-covers temperature to be perpetually rising. Hypoallergenic latex makes sure that you stay cool, and the air is constantly fresh. You can’t beat that.


Especially when compared to foam, latex is far more resilient. It retains its shape for a much longer time, and isn’t prone to impressions. The same could hardly be said about foam. Also, people always sweat while they sleep, especially during the summer months. Foam does a poor job of regulating temperature, so you’re more likely to sweat while sleeping. This is awful, because foam breaks down over time when it comes into contact with sweat. On the other hand, latex is far more resilient in this regard. More than that, as we’ve discussed, it’s less likely to make you sweat in the first place.

Transfer of Motion.

Our latex layer does an excellent job of make sure that motion on one side of the bed doesn’t affect the stillness on the other side. The hypoallergenic latex layer transfers just enough motion so that you have the comfort of feeling that the other person is there, but not so much motion that their movement will disturb you slumber. Again, it’s the best of both worlds.

Hopefully this sheds some light onto the great work that our hypoallergenic latex layer does. This information should help you sleep a little better at night, whether you have an Aereo Choice mattress or not. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive helpful sleep tips & information, and receive special rewards. Rest easy, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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